Experiential Marketing vs. Brand Activation – What is the difference?

The set building industry covers a lot of different areas in today’s modern world. More and more consumers (the customer, audience, client, patron) want to be entertained.

Here at MNR Constructions we work with a lot of different brand experience agencies and event companies to create the physical elements used to enhance the product or service and bring the brand to life!

So what is the difference between Experiential Marketing and Brand Activation?

Brand Activation allows the consumer to use a product or experience a service first-hand. This brings the brand and consumer together through personal interaction. The aim is to build trust and prove that the brands’ marketing messages are true.

An example of this is the signage, portable bar, and drink trays we made for popular drink brand Barista Bros to help promote their product across Australia.

Experiential Marketing can sometimes be referred to as engagement marketing or event marketing. It involves creating an experience or activity that consumers can participate in. The experience does not need to directly relate to the product or service, it is a way of involving the consumer in something that is exciting which contributes to the evolution of a brand.

An example of this is an interactive game we built for a Westpac stall at a university open day. The game encouraged passers-by to play the game to win a prize and ultimately interact with the brand in a positive way.