Wood – The Ultimate Renewable Resource

Wood is known as ‘The Ultimate Renewable Resource‘. It can play a big part in tackling climate change.

Below are some videos and links to more information on why you should choose wood as your preferred material.

The Ultimate Renewable™ is an industry campaign to promote the sustainability and environmental advantages of Australia’s forest and wood products industry.

Make It Wood – Do Your World Some Good aims to encourage the increased use of responsibly sourced wood as a building material. Whether you’re planning the build of your new home or a professional working in large-scale development, the goal of this resource is to provide credible, research-based information on the significant environmental and health benefits of building with responsibly sourced wood as part of the solution to climate change.

The reason wood can play a big part in helping tackle climate change is because it’s a low-carbon option for building; it absorbs carbon during the growth phase, it stores carbon for the long term, it is renewable and it has a lower embodied energy than many other building materials. As a result, using wood allows us to live a low-carbon lifestyle.