Laser Cutting and CNC Router Cutting

Here at MNR we deal with many different production and event companies who require intricate lettering or engraving for branding and signage. We provide a cutting service to our clients using our CNC Router.

So what is the difference between Laser Cutting and CNC Router Cutting?

The CNC Router provides high-quality, accurate cutting, matching the original CAD drawings we program into the machine. The CNC is ideal when various depths, specialised cutting, grooving and engraving are required.

Laser cutters are also computer-driven and are used to simply cut a given material perfectly, cleanly, and all the way through. Lasers can only cut, or burn a surface down to a certain level.

CNC Routing is suited to a bigger variety of materials and cutting depths than a laser cutter. Our CNC Router can cut various types of materials, including plywood, MDF, polystyrene, acrylic, and more. The CNC also offers the ability to cut high volumes of material repeatedly without major size limitations.

If you have a project that requires CNC cutting, get in touch