How To Give Customers an Unforgettable Experience

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Even before COVID-19 entered our lives, pop-ups and temporary activations had found their way into the toolkit of brands looking to connect with their customers. Brands use these to test new products, encourage engagement, promote customer loyalty, increase awareness and, ultimately, let their customers experience their brand, not just see it. Terry Roy from MNR Constructions believes retail’s transition from bricks-and-mortar to online is now making its next move into physical connections and experiences.

It’s been widely documented that as the restrictions of this pandemic begin to ease in Australia, the retail industry will be forced to adapt to a new way of marketing to the consumer. Previously, both big-name brands and small businesses had used pop-ups and brand activations to connect with their customers quite successfully. Now, as the world craves human connection and interactive experiences, these avenues to market are more important than ever.

As many retail stores have closed during the past 12 months and redesigned how they sell by moving online, a large piece of the customer journey has now disappeared. This is the touch, the atmosphere and the connection to a brand that people feel when a brand brings customers into their world.

It’s all about the experience. Brands seeking to connect with their customers and engage them in memorable experiences will be leading the new retail movement.

Traditionally, pop-ups and activations would have been found in communal areas of shopping centres, markets, festivals and other public spaces. These past couple of years, governments and local councils have promoted this concept strongly. In addition, venues and spaces for hire are providing even more locations for brands to reach their customers. The latest opportunity that has presented itself is the use of vacant retail space within shopping centres. These spaces are the perfect solution for creating fast, cost-effective and fully customisable customer experiences.

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