Case Study – Prehistoric Playground

Client: Australian Museum

Brand/Event: Prehistoric Playground

Location: Sydney

Photos: Provided by Australian Museum


The Australian Museum was looking to create a prehistoric interactive educational creative play space for children of all ages. The idea was to allow children to get hands-on and investigate what fossils can tell us about our world, why birds are modern-day dinosaurs, and how different dinosaurs evolved such extraordinary characteristics!


The ‘Prehistoric Playground’ created a space for children to play and learn about the dinosaurs. We designed and made a series of activity stations for children to dust fossils, make aerodynamic objects inspired by nature to learn about flight, create their own dinosaurs, and watch them come to life through projections


This space has continually been booked out since re-opening. Hundreds of children visit the space each day to learn about the dinosaurs and most importantly, have a lot of fun!


“Working with MNR Constructions on Prehistoric Playground at the Australian Museum was a pleasure. The design team was creative, professional, and listened to the needs of the Museum. The fabrication and installation team worked efficiently, produced a high-quality fit out, and was quick to adapt to any unforeseen challenges onsite. The space is much loved by our visitors and I look forward to collaborating with MNR Constructions on future projects.”

Chloe Miller

Project Manager, Corporate Services, Australian Museum