Adapting to Change

A few phrases come to mind when summing up what we have learnt so far in 2020: Change is a constant; Always have a plan B; Don’t put all your eggs in one basket etc.

This year has been one big learning curve for everyone and the phrase ‘Adapt or die’ has really rung true for many small businesses.

We had to adapt and adapt quickly. Using our carpentry and joinery skills, we were able to design and produce a range of flatpack home office furniture and a kids’ furniture range. Due to this quick change in direction and community support, we are fortunate to say we have been able to keep some staff on board, our machinery operating and our doors open.

As the current situation continues to unfold, small businesses need to rely on the community more than ever for support. While we are still currently operating, we have many fellow colleagues, friends, and family who have lost jobs, have had to close, or are on the brink of losing their business.

We are staying positive while we acknowledge that this is a tough and trying time for our staff and clients. Let’s continue to support each other and our local business community.